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FAQ & Policies


Will you come to my home?  

Unfortunately, we are not offering in-home dog training services currently.  We will continue in-home services on a limited basis for cats and horses.


Will you board my dog for training?

We believe that successful training begins with training both the human and the dog.  Because we are always in training and management mode, most dogs learn very quickly here at the farm, but fall back into old habits once they return home.  We will teach you management, training, and enrichment skills for you and your pet to be successful!

Where is your farm?  

Our farm in conveniently located at 240 N Hwy 113, Carrollton, GA.  We are just 8 miles south of I-20’s Exit 19.

Should my family attend class?

Yes!  Dogs learn the best through consistency.  We want everyone in your family to learn how to "speak dog" so that your dog can easily learn each lesson.  For families with younger children, we require that an extra grown-up attend class with them so that you can focus entirely on your pet.


Can my child train our dog in class?  

Yes, children over the age of 10 may handle your pet in our group classes with prior instructor consent.  A responsible adult must always be present.

Can I record my lesson?  

Absolutely!  Your lesson is yours to record so that you can review the information and training techniques later, or even share it with family members who aren't able to come to class.

My dog doesn't care for other dogs.  What should we do?

Dogs who don't care for other dogs begin their training with an on-farm consultation.  We will meet with you, obtain a thorough history, and evaluate your pet.  At the conclusion of our consult, we will give you our recommendation about which program is best for you.

My dog has bitten a person.  Can you help us?  

For dogs displaying aggression directed at people, we may start with a video conference so that we can coach you through management, safety, identifying triggers to your pet’s aggression, and acclimating your pet to wearing a basket muzzle.  In addition to the written history and temperament evaluation, we may recommend additional medical screenings to ensure that your pet's aggression is not the result of an underlying disease process.  Once we have all the information, we will recommend a training program for you.  If we feel that your dog's behavior is beyond our capabilities, we will refer you to a veterinary behaviorist for additional help.

How do you feel about underground or "invisible" fences?
Stonebriar Animal Behavior does not recommend underground fence systems as a means of containment for your pet.  For a thorough discussion of the pros and cons of these fences vs traditional, barrier type fences, please visit our blog post on E-fences.  

I want to become a dog trainer.  Can you help? 

More than 46 million American households own a dog -- more than any other animal, besting cats by about 7.4 million households. And, according to the American Pet Products Association, Americas spend an average of $53 billion per year on their pets, a number which has risen each year since the Great Depression. Training and behavior consulting expenses represent a significant investment for many dog owners.

Becoming a dog trainer provides an excellent opportunity to earn income while directly impacting the lives of companion dogs and their owners. Dog trainers and behavior professionals contribute to their communities by providing education, decreasing dog bites, decreasing relinquishments to shelters, and promoting community awareness of companion animal issues.

Unfortunately, anyone can call him or herself a dog trainer. There are no laws governing who can or cannot advertise themselves as a professional dog trainer. However, becoming a successful and respected professional canine educator takes commitment, diligence, knowledge, and hands-on experience.

What is the best way to acquire this knowledge and experience? In our search for qualified canine educators to join our team, we have found a real need for more programs to impart the knowledge, experience, and positive, humane training philosophies we demand at Stonebriar Dog Training.

To help provide that education for aspiring trainers in our community, we have developed the Stonebriar Dog Training Canine Educator Apprentice Program. This comprehensive, structured program combines the necessary knowledge and hands-on experience we feel truly prepares one for the demanding, yet exciting and rewarding world of dog obedience training and behavior modification consulting. Upon successful completion, the participant will be able to confidently instruct a variety of group classes from basic puppy and family dog manners to beginning dog sports. Additionally, the participant will be fully prepared to sit for the Certification Council for Pet Dog Trainers’ certification exam, the first national certification for dog trainers.

Contact us today to discuss your career goals and how we can help you achieve them! 

Deposits, No-Show, & Refund Policies

Deposits: Beginning in March 2022, all in-person training and behavior program bookings require payment in full to book appointments. We can offer payment plans for some programs.  Please speak with us to set up a payment plan.

Cancellations: Due to limited availability on our calendar, travel schedule, and many other factors, we request that you cancel at least 48 hours before a scheduled appointment.  This gives us the opportunity to fill your slot should you not be able to keep the appointment.  You may cancel your appointment by phone or through our PocketSuite booking app.  If you want to cancel your appointment before 48 hours, we can reschedule your appointment to another time within 5 business days following the original appointment date.  We reserve the right to cancel or reschedule an appointment at any time due to unforeseen situations that may be do to a medical, travel, or personal situation.

No Show Policy: Your appointment is very important to us.  However, we understand that there are unexpected situations that may conflict with our scheduled time.  Any cancellation or reschedule made less than 48 hours before our appointment time will be considered a no-show and will result in your forfeiting the meeting.  In the event of a true, unavoidable emergency, we will do our best to reschedule your service for another time that is convenient for you.

Refund Policy: When you sign up for our programs, you are holding a spot on our calendar to provide the best service possible to you.  We hope you will take advantage of our time together. but if you do not, we unfortunately cannot provide a refund.  We will work with you to the best of our ability to accommodate schedules to ensure you get the most out of your program.  To encourage commitment, refunds are not offered.  In the unfortunate circumstance that your dog passes away, previously unused, paid training sessions will be graciously refunded.

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