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Do you have just one thing you wish you could change about your dog's behavior?

  •  "He would be perfect if he would just come when I call him."

  • "I love my dog, but he yanks my arm out of the socket when we go for a walk!"


Or perhaps you're simply looking for a fun new activity for you and your pet?  

Check out our specialty classes for our topic-specific classes and for some great new ways to enrich your pet's life through training and exercise.

Going for a Walk

The Way We Walk

Have you single-handedly financed your orthopedist's new boat with your shoulder injuries while walking your dog?  Do you prefer a nice sniffy walk to a high-speed drag?  Enroll in this class!  You will have 4 45-minute training sessions dedicated solely to learning to walk as a team with your pup.


Screaming Fast Recalls

Want your dog to come flying back to you when you call?  Or to choose you over the squirrels taunting him in the trees?  This is your class!  You will have 4 45-minute sessions, in our training studio and in our fenced fields, gradually working your recall into more distracting situations and longer distances.

portrait of puppy beagle say hello.jpg

Spot, Say Hello!

Does your dog greet you or guests by jumping up and giving sloppy kisses? Have you ever had an outfit ruined by muddy paws? Teach you pooch to greet people politely with all four paws on the floor. This 1.5-hour workshop utilizes positive reinforcement to teach the polite greetings you have been hoping for!  


Spot, Stay!

Staying put is a skill our pet dogs desperately need, but rarely master! A solid stay cue can help with day-to-day activities such as leashing up, wiping muddy paws, or staying put during meals. Teach your pet to love staying in place in this 1.5-hour workshop

dog corgi standing on his two hind legs, doing a trick and training with the owner, in the

Tricks for Fun & Enrichment

Is your dog a natural showman? Does he love to make you smile with his antics? Then trick training may be just the thing! This set of 4 private lessons teaches fun tricks such as shake, roll-over, crawl, spin, and weave using positive reinforcement techniques such as shaping and luring.  


Agility for Fun & Confidence-Building

4-week introduction to agility concepts such as stationary and active attention, agility heeling, fitness, body awareness, balance.  Agility equipment introduced includes the open tunnel, pause table, jumps,  A-Frame, and dog walk.   Dogs and puppies over 4 months who are non-aggressive and have basic skills may participate.  

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