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What You Have...

  • A puppy or even adult dog who treats your house as his own, personal, indoor toilet.  

  • A doggie tornado who overwhelms friends and family members who visit.

  • A walking companion who has made walking an olympic sport with a one way ticket to the chiropractor.

  • A shameless cat chaser.

  • A selective hearing champ who ignores your pleas to "Come!" when called.

  • A pet who struggles with being alone and needs help!

  • A fearful pet who gets growly or chompy to keep other people or dogs away.

  • A reactive pet who needs help controlling himself around other dogs, cars, even livestock.

What You Want...

  • A pet who knows that his potty area is outdoors and who knows to let you know when he needs to go!

  • A pooch who politely greets guests on all four feet and then goes to quietly chew on a bone while you visit.

  • An enjoyable companion for your walks who walks beside you without pulling.

  • Peace in your household with all of your pets getting along.

  • Your pet comes flying back to you every time you call!

  • Your pet to live a happy, fear-free life.

  • A pet who can watch other dogs, cars, or animals go by without concern.

Who is this wild animal in your house?  Yes, we're talking about your dog.  Or your cat.  Or even the animals (probably) not allowed in the house, such as your horses, ponies, and donkeys.


We know from experience that we all ask that question sometimes--we may even question our sanity for bringing this beautiful, yet beastly, being into our lives.  He keeps us up at all hours, pees on our floors, chews our drywall, barks at EVERYTHING, chases the kids...and the cat.  You're at your wit's end and need help!  


Helping is just what we do.  We embrace your dog, cat, or equid for who and what they are.  We teach you who they are, what they were bred to do, what they need, what they are saying to us.  We listen to you too.  Tell us what you want them to do and what changes will help you live with and love this animal you have chosen.  Then, we act as a translator, a mediator, an educator, and as a trainer and behavior consultant.  We help make the changes needed to make both animal and human happy.  


We don't just teach sit, down, and stay--we teach life-skills for your pet.  We teach them how to navigate a human world which doesn't often embrace the natural behavior of other species.  We help fearful pets.  We help aggressive pets.  We help anxious pets.  And, we help humans...

What Clients Just Like You Are Saying!
“I absolutely adore Monique (and so does our dog!). I love that it's force-free, positive reinforcement training, She is teaching us how to make learning fun for everyone involved. Our dog is a large year-old pup with not much previous training (we adopted her at 7 months old). We are already seeing great progress and our girl is having a blast. Doesn't get much better than that!”
- -Dixie B & Taz
Hi!  I'm Monique!

​I'm passionate about helping pets and their people live fantastic and fulfilled lives together.  I'm a trainer, behavior consultant, and most importantly, a person just like you who loves her pets and wants the best for them!

FREE Training

Puppy Socialization Scavenger Hunt

Socializing your new puppy should be fun for both of you.  Here are a few ideas to get your creativity flowing!

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