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Open Enrollment Puppy Kindergarten

For Puppies 9-16 Weeks at Enrollment

Puppy on the Beach

What You'll Learn

Our Open Enrollment Puppy Kindergarten is real-life, practical training not offered anywhere else!  Each week introduces a new set of skills that are perfect for future family companions.  

The Curriculum:

  • Orientation--How Puppies Learn, Marker Training, Bite Inhibition, House Training & Management, Chew Training, Exercise & Mental Stimulation, Say Please, Class Prep                  

  • Puppy Manners--Kitchen

  • Puppy Manners--Living Room

  • Puppy Manners--Vet Office

  • Puppy Manners--Out for a Stroll

  • Puppy Manners--Grooming

  • Puppy Manners--At the Cafe

What's Included:

  • 75 minute Orientation offered several days per week--join class when you're ready!

  • 6 1-hour small group classes covering new topics and behaviors each week!

  • Small Class Size & Personal Attention

  • Operation Socialization Puppy Passport

  • Extensive Written Handouts


Reserve Your Spot!

Call or email us to find out when our next Open Enrollment Puppy Kindergarten orientation class will be held!

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