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Behavior Services

Fear, Anxiety, & Aggression

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Anxious & Afraid to Confident & Courageous

Anxious & Afraid to Confident & Courageous program is specially designed for dogs who struggle with fear or anxiety.  We all know that when they struggle, we struggle too.  Perhaps they are concerned about new people in the home, other animals, or even about being alone. 

  • Help your dog learn to love things which previously caused concern or anxiety.

  • Learn to read your dog's body language to help him out of tough situations.

  • Enjoy having company in your house again! 

What's Included:

  • 90-minute Behavior Assessment and Foundation Session

  • (4) 1-hour Private Lessons 

  • (3) 15-minute check-in calls

  • Access to our Student Portal with written notes and additional resources

  • 6 months email support

  • Our recommended training harness

  • 2 treat buckets for easy-access reinforcement when and where you need it most!

  • Discounts on additional programs to keep the progress going, such as Agility, Walk this Way, and Screaming Fast Recalls​

All Barks & A Few Bites

It's every dog owner's worst fear --your dog snaps at someone.nOr worse, they bite.  Hard.   So many things to consider--can I keep my friends and family safe?  Will he go after another dog?  What will he do if I take his toy or approach his food bowl?  Will my liability insurance cover this?  Will my dog be taken away?

We specialize in working with aggressive dogs, having studied aggression more than any other behavior.  We understand your fears and concerns and will help!

This program is for dogs who growl, bark, or lunge at people, animals, or even moving objects such as cars, bikes, or scooters.  It is also for dogs who guard their bed, their dish, their toys, or even their owners.  We will help you:


  • Confidently walk your dog through your neighborhood

  • Go hike with your pup with the skills and tools to handle any situation

  • Eliminate frustration, concern, and anxiety created by your dog's behavior

  • Confidently exchange valued objects with your dog, approach their bed, or ask them to get off of a special place.

  • Be guided through the training experience with an educated and empathetic professional who holds your success and long term results as a top priority.


What's Included:


  • 90-minute behavior assessment & foundation session

  • Safety-first Management Plan

  • Muzzle fitting & conditioning

  • (4) 1-hour private lessons

  • (2) 15 minute check-in calls

  • Access to our online student portal with extensive notes and resources

  • A customized shopping list for necessary tools and equipment

  • 6 months email support

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