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Family Dog Mediation™

Are You Ready to REALLY Meet Your Dog?

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Family Mediation--For Problem Solving Based on Your Dog's L.E.G.S™

A Family Dog Mediator (FDM) is an individual with special training and education above and beyond training or behavior consulting.FD. M's assess each animal based on their L.E.G.S.--each individual's Learning, Environment, Genetics, and Self--because each plays a critical role in that animal's behavior. 

Family Dog Mediators evaluate these four L.E.G.S and help mediate the places where there are conflicts between dogs and owners.   We help you manage your expectations for your dog's behavior, help translate what your dog needs from you, and help you meet those needs.  We also help by giving you the tools to change behavior so that you can live happily with your pet!

What's Included

  • (1) 3-hour private session with Georgia's only LFDM-T

  • Full Evaluation of Your Dog's L.E.G.S™--Learning, Environment, Genetics, and Self

  • Solutions for problem behaviors impacting both you and your pet's relationship and happiness.

  • Learning our Exclusive L.E.G.S™ Hacks

  • (2) 30-minute video calls to evaluate progress

  • 6 months of email support

  • Access to our Family Dog Mediation Study Guides and Enrichment Handouts

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I Want to Meet my Dog!

Call or email us to schedule your Family Dog Mediation Consultation!

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