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What Makes a Great Puppy Class? Not a Good One--But a GREAT One?

I'm often asked about my puppy program, Impetuous Pup to Perfect Prodigy. I can talk about the features of the program all day--6 private lessons, 3 video lessons, written handouts, AKC Star Puppy completion, included enrichment toys and "Human & Puppy in Training" signs for your entry ways, first day of class pictures, etc., etc.

But is that stuff the most important stuff? Is it why you should take the class?

I don't think so. I think the reason you and your puppy should be in my puppy program is because it's different. It's not a good class--it's a great class. Made so by years of 'practice makes perfect' on my part.

So what makes it different? What makes it great?

Private training: Our lessons are 1:1:1. Just you, your puppy, and me, your puppy specialist. We focus on your individual puppy and you. Your goals for your puppy. Your puppy's special circumstances. Whether your goal is a solid family companion, a hiking partner, or the foundations for canine sports, we will tailor your program just for you.

Socialization: Most of my clients wonder if their pups will be properly socialized in private training. Won't they miss out on learning to socialize with other puppies and humans? No, they absolutely won't miss out. Socialization has to be more than just a one-hour class once per week. We teach you how to socialize your puppy properly. How not to overwhelm them in new situations. How to make each interaction a positive learning experience. How to move forward if your puppy is afraid. We include socialization walks around our farm to give you practice so that you can feel confident that the socialization you are providing for your puppy is done properly.

L.E.G.S: As the only licensed Family Dog Mediator in Georgia, we evaluate and work with your puppy based on its L.E.G.S: learning, environment, genetics, and self. Then we mediate to find that middle ground between human needs and life with humans, to dog needs and life with dogs. We help you learn and understand normal, dog-specific behavior, provide some translation, and help you create the life and relationship you want with your pet.

Prevention: What do I mean by prevention? Well, we've all heard the old expression that" an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure." This is the absolute truth in puppy training. Teaching you simple training and management techniques that are easily incorporated into your daily activities will help prevent serious behavior issues later on such as separation anxiety and resource guarding.

Pain Points: We know you struggle through the typical puppy pain points and that you want solutions to solve them quickly. Nipping. Play biting. Crying in their crate. Pottying in the house. Getting along with the cat. Jumping on everyone and everything. Eating the couch and the coffee table. We give you solutions from day 1 of your program.

Life Skills: If you've ever experienced the joys of potty training a human child, you've probably heard a reassurance that goes something like this: "No child has ever gone to kindergarten without being potty trained." It's true--all kids get there in their own good time, and in accordance with their own development.

I say the same thing about puppies. Very few dogs go through life without learning sit and down. So why do so many training classes focus on those cues? Our program focuses on true life skills: greeting people politely, leashing up for a walk without losing their minds, not dashing through any door that opens, using their teeth gently, settling nearby while we eat, joyfully coming to you when called...every time.

We teach life skills. Not boring obedience drills that you and your puppy will both dread.

Why don't you book a free Discovery Call with us to learn even more about how our program is not the typical puppy training program? We promise no sales pressure, just a great opportunity to learn how our experience, education, and national certifications can get you and your puppy off to the perfect start?

Just click the button below to schedule!

Let's talk about your puppy soon!


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